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Wednesday, April 02, 2003

wow. yesterday was a *huge* day, as far as the wedding goes. i had my portrait taken, which i guess is probably the best dress-rehearsal that comes before the wedding. i had taken a day of vacation, but had to come into work for 1-1/2 hours in the morning for a meeting. my portrait session was supposed to be outdoors, at virginia house, which would have been absolutely gorgeous. it rained all morning yesterday though, and we thought the grounds would be too wet and yucky. so we ended up at my church in the afternoon, and the sun came out and decided to be agreeable. i spent the morning running around like crazy though. i had to pick up my tiara from my parents' house, pick up my engagement ring (which was out for sizing), pick up my gown from the bridal shop, pick up my portrait bouquet from my house (along with my shoes), get my hair done, get to the church, put on my makeup and get dressed. all of that happened between 10 AM and 2 PM. it was insane. i had a great support team (thanks mom), and the photographers were great to work with. jo at nesbit did a great job with my hair, creating a style that really suited me and my personality and was a lot of fun (lots of little twists and knots). and i was able to switch my wedding-day appointment from another stylist to her (the salon has been shuffling their schedules around a lot). after about 50 pictures, my face hurt and my head hurt (from all of the bobby pins in the hairstyle), but i think we'll definitely be able to find one or two in there that look decent. (i hate having my picture taken.) i even took a practice walk up the aisle, since that was the only chance i'd get to practice in my gown. at least now i'm fairly confident that i won't trip and fall on my face.


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