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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

today is pure mayhem. work is out of control, and there are more wedding things coming out of the woodwork (spoke with minister, dj, photographer today, trying to get in touch with the caterer). i wouldn't trade the latter for anything though. m was out of commission yesterday, due to a minor but painful health issue. i took a sick day to play nurse, but also had time to work on our wedding cd while he slept. i am listening to the "first draft" of it now, and it doesn't sound bad - just need to fix a few tracks and take one off that doesn't quite fix. i'm using it as an excuse to buy the zwan cd. hi, my name is julie, and i'm a cd-aholic. at least that's the only vice that i have. i could be addicted to buying designer clothes or jewelry. m's getting off cheap.

my car is in the shop. yep, only 5 days after buying it, the "emission malfunction indicator" came on. i'm driving a 2000 passat loaner right now, but it's not nearly as nice as my little 2002 jetta (with the turbo). plus it doesn't even have a cd player. i've only had a cd player in my car for 5 days, and i'm already hooked. oh but wait, we discussed my music habit already.

i'm taking a break from reading an inorganic chemistry paper. i feel so slack, since i strained to remember whether iron(III) is ferric or ferrous. i can remember the suffixes for naming compounds from the ions though - -ate = -ic, -ite = -ous. at least something useful from high school still resides somewhere in my gray matter. from college, i remember that dyne*cm = erg. $13k worth of student loans, and that's what you get.

i had my very first facial yesterday. it was awesome. my skin feels like a baby's. dermalogica is great stuff. in fact, i bought enough product that i get a free mini-facial now. perfect for renewing my skin right before the wedding. i know i've been swearing by reflect for a while now, but i may be converting, especially if this new stuff can make my skin look like a 26-year-old's should and not like it did when i was 16-years-old.

okay, i'll stop being so cynical now. i've had an unusually high number of hits today, and i don't want any new readers to think i'm a total sourpuss!


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