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Thursday, April 10, 2003

sometimes really good things happen. i mean *really* good things. like yesterday, when m picked up an "unknown caller" phone call, which usually means a telemarketer. it was us airways vacations, informing us that the resort where we were originally supposed to stay on our honeymoon had been sold, but they could send us to another resort in an upgraded room for no additional cost to us. no problem on our part. then the agent told m the value of the upgraded trip, and we're getting a honeymoon worth 2.5 times more than what we actually paid. how 'bout dem apples?!?


on a musical note, here's what i ordered yesterday from amazon.

1) James Hardway - Straight from the Fridge
2) Mull Historical Society - Us
3) Longwave - Strangest Things

i'll let you know how they are once they arrive.


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