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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

i've added a new folder called family on my yahoo photos site. the photos that are up there now are from m's dad's retirement party in january. also, here's a picture of our boy huygens showing of his first trick.

isn't he just adorable? he'll go to his 3rd puppy class tonight. he's doing so well (most of the time).


31 days and counting until the wedding. now we're beginning to feel the crunch of the remainder of the "things to do". i thought we were pretty much done, but there are all of these little details like wedding bands, a marriage license, first dance and parents' dance songs, et cetera. i guess this is the beginning of the stress that so many people talk about. i've begun a rigorous pre-wedding beauty campaign and feel that i should just offer nesbit our first born child instead of paying them for all of these services. the workout routine is going well too. my arms are getting some nice curvature to them, and i think i will actually feel comfortable in a bathing suit during the honeymoon. amazing!


it's that time of year again - time for the stanley cup playoffs. one of my favorite times of year, because the hockey just gets so darn good. i'm really glad to see the caps in the playoffs this year, and even winning at that (except for last night when they were robbed in OT). i'm hoping that the flyers can pull their act together tonight, because i'd really like to see them make it past the first round this year. and best of all the red wings are losing - badly. i may have to stay up late tonight to see if they'll get killed in the first round, because it would mean that the cup is truly up for grabs and an eastern team might even win.


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