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Thursday, April 24, 2003

23 days and counting. we are finding ourselves with a limited amount of time to complete an infinite number of tasks. just when i think we've got a handle on things (marriage license, wedding bands), other things pop up (lists for the dj and photographer, music selection for the reception and our "mix cd" favors, ceremony programs). gotta finish most of the music related stuff in the next day or two, so we can recruit family to help us burn the many copies. all of this was complicated by a massive tension headache which put me out of commission on monday and tuesday, followed by a day-trip to philadelphia on wednesday, followed by several hours at carmax yesterday evening purchasing my new toy. (picture to follow, as soon as i get a chance to take one.) for the first time in my life, i have a car that was manufactured in the current decade. how cool is that?


i've updated the s.o.w. section with a link to longwave's website. if you visit the site, you can hear their latest album the strangest things, one of my most recent music purchases. i have been waiting for this album since last fall, and it was well worth the wait. it will be my soundtrack as i drive home for lunch today with the sun beaming down through my new ride's sunroof.


this weekend is jam-packed with many activities, including ava's christening (see link to left) and a bridal shower/luncheon hosted by some co-workers. at least i don't have to worry about cooking. m and i are also planning on doing some serious landscaping next weekend, so i need to research many things, including how to grow an herb garden in a planter and the best way to remove an ugly bush from your backyard. we hope to have things done by may 3 so we can spend at least a few moments relaxing in the hammock that i bought for m last year and still haven't set up.


more to come . . .


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