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Monday, March 10, 2003

wow, has it really been 5 days since i last blogged? well, work was crazy last week. i was supposed to leave yesterday for lovely tampa, florida, but my trip was delayed for 2 days because of documentation delays. oh well. it's hard to pack for this trip because the temperature is in the upper 70s in florida while still in the 40s here. i have to pull out my summer wardrobe tonight. i'll be there for a total of 10 days (10 days!!!), which totally sucks, but it's part of the job. hopefully i will get some time by the pool or maybe even go to the beach (even though native floridians may think i'm crazy for going to the beach in 70 degree weather).

on the musical front, longwave's new album is finally out. also, the band stars is sounding really good. no s.o.w. yet, but i will have high speed net access in my hotel room, so i will try to post something from florida. maybe i'll do a whole mix or something. who knows. i've got nothing else to do while i'm there.


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