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Thursday, March 20, 2003

well, my stay here in florida has been extended by 2 more days. i made it to historic ybor city last night, which i expected to be a little bit more cuban. it was more of a nightclub/shopping area, but there was a fantastic spanish restaurant where i was able to feed my craving for mohitos and paella.

so we're at war now. i really have mixed feelings about the whole thing. i am not totally convinced that diplomatic efforts were allowed to run their course, but it has been 12 years now since iraq was supposed to disarm and they were still destroying weapons just a few weeks ago. i think that this will cause a huge backlash at the u.s. though. 9/11 was a huge shock for this country, and i'm afraid that it will happen again. or we could have daily threats of suicide attacks like israel. i try not to worry about things much, but i think these threats are real.

i'm also concerned about some of our supporters, japan and israel. my initial reaction to japan's support was to think that they could use the u.s. actions against iraq as a basis for attacking north korea, another "terrorist state". and of course israel can now use this war as a basis for more attacks on the palestinian people. way to go, g.w.

i would like to express my support for our troops. these brave men and women are real people, just doing their jobs, just doing what they are told. i am praying every day for their safety and security. as i was getting ready for work this morning, i was watching the coverage from marine camps in kuwait, watching soldiers don their chemical suits and gas masks and take shelter behind their bunkers. it saddens me to think that some of these people will not make it home to their friends and family. and i cannot begin to imagine how they must feel right now. i have been away from home for almost 2 weeks now, but at least i have a roof to sleep under instead of a tent, and at least i know when i am going home. i am ashamed to have complained so much about my travels, because i have had it very easy. i am very grateful for my hotel bed and the restaurant food that i have eaten. i pray that this war is short, and that we are shown true justification for this military action and the resulting loss of human life, both military and civilian.


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