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Wednesday, March 05, 2003

noooo!!!!!!! the company firewall will no longer let me play any songs from epitonic. what a joke. well, i guess i'll just have to start posting the s.o.w. from home or find it on other sites. this place is really trying to make me leave. m got a letter from a recruiter in bellevue, washington. it's very tempting. we don't want to be away from our families, but our job opportunities here are so limited. i'm now 2 years into my career in pharmaceutics, and there isn't another company here that i can go to work for without starting over. plus i'm dealing with an extremely unpleasant situation with my team here, and i'm beginning to really dislike my job.

of course, i am really stressed here this week, and every little thing just becomes magnified about 1000 times.

at least i can still listen to kexp. the day that goes, i'm giving my 2 weeks notice.


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