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Saturday, March 15, 2003

i'm still in florida, but my mood has improved some. it's mostly due to eating really well the past few days. i had a disappointing dinner at one of my former favorites on wednesday night. the place is usually busy, but i've never had such bad service as i had the other night. thursday night's restaurant totally made up for it. roy's was fantastic. i tried some seared naigiri, a hawaiian fish that tastes sort of like swordfish. but the dessert was to die for - coconut pudding in a chocolate "coconut shell" surrounded by fresh tropical fruit. man, if you ever are near a roy's make sure to check it out. last night, a woman that i've become friends with here and i went to the mall and ate at todai. i'm a huge fan of japanese food, so the all-you-can eat sushi plus more definitely appealed to me.

today i returned to the mall and made the rounds of all the shops. i managed to find a few items for my trousseau, and purchased engraved notecards at the crane & company store. it's hard to believe that m and i will be married 2 months from monday. how exciting! the invitation responses are coming in already, and i'm really looking forward to a great party.


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