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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

after a long stay in florida followed by a flight home that seemed to last an eternity, the weary traveler has returned at last. both legs of my flight home were full of the sweet music of crying children. i think the airlines should make a separate soundproof compartment for anyone flying with small children who wail the whole trip, whether because of their ears popping or if they are just being brats. the latter was the case in the kids from saturday. mental note to self - do not fly with kids until they are over the age of 6.

anyway, here's a little update from my world.

our puppy has gained almost 2 pounds since i left, and now he can walk down the back steps all by himself. it's amazing how much little ones change so quickly. the neighbor's lab-mix puppy is turning into a house. huygen's ears now stand straight up, instead of being all floppy like a pup's.

our wedding is less than 2 months away. (oh my gosh!!) things are really going by very quickly now. it's so cool. we finished registering last night and are picking out our wedding bands tonight. next week i'm having my portrait done, and next weekend i have a bridal shower. i can hardly believe that in 53 days, m and i will be husband and wife. it's the best feeling in the world. i feel so blessed to have him in my life.

well, work beckons and will be beckoning for many days to come. i'd better get a handle on it so i can get out of here early.


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