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Tuesday, February 25, 2003

wow, i can't believe that i haven't blogged since saturday. it was a busy weekend, full of lots and lots of playing with huygens. we are discovering that the trials of "parenthood" are numerous, even when you have a relatively well-behaved "child". huygens discovered his voice yesterday and decided to use it throughout the night. well, just mostly at 3 am when i had to get up and take him out. he slept through the first two nights really well, so last night was a bit of a shock. i think he must have been rebelling for the day spent alone followed by his first vet visit.


on another note, kexp is having it's winter membership drive. once again, i cannot stress the importance of supporting public radio, whether an npr affiliate or an independent station. if you listen to any public radio station, please become a member. otherwise, we're just going to end up with airwaves full of stations with programming that their advertising customers approve of instead of programming that the listeners want to hear. and that would just plain suck.


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