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Thursday, February 20, 2003

whew. the report reviewing is over (for now), and i'm slowly gaining back my sanity. so i'll spend a little bit of time talking about music. here's the thing that i like about ordering from amazon.com: you come home from a cruddy day at work, and you've got new stuff waiting for you on your doorstep (or with a neighbor). here's a summary of my 2 latest cd purchases.

sigur ros - ( ): i have been putting off buying this latest release from sigur ros. i've heard a lot of it and liked it, but it wasn't a high priority. i finally decided that i wanted something "a little bit different", so i made the purchase. i'm not even sure how to describe this band to people who have never heard them before. they're not really rock or pop or anything like that. the instruments are standard rock instruments, but the sound is much more orchestral. and the lyrics, in icelandic, are like just another instrument added to the fold. anyway, it's great music for when you need to chill out (or when you are having a tough time reviewing reports).

cuica - city to city: i haven't bought a lot of "beat oriented" music for a while, but before my hiatus, i was purchasing a lot of latin flavored house and downtempo. old habits are hard to break, but this cd was worth the fall. i haven't been this excited about an EDM album since buscemi's our girl in havana. this album is jazzy and energetic, without being too distracting. it would be great to dance to (and may be a contender for a new bike riding soundtrack), but it's also great to listen to at work.

when i get home from work today, the postal service will be waiting for me. i've already gushed about that one enough, but maybe you guys will see a review in a day or two.


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