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Monday, February 03, 2003

it was nice to have a nice, quiet weekend. i needed the rest after a long week away followed by the hectic weekend away followed by a emotionally trying week. the combination of lack of rest, personal trials (don't worry, nothing to do with m and me), a ton of tedious work, and the onset of my annual seasonal funk made me want a weekend where i could just chill. and chill is exactly what i did. i managed to reside in my loungewear from friday night until sunday afternoon, only showering because i was meeting with the florist sunday evening. it was nearly perfect (m had to work a little bit).

the columbia tragedy was a major bummer though. i woke up on saturday at 9:16, when the shuttle was supposed to land. i turned on the tv, and watched the news most of the day. i remembered back to january 28, 1986, a snow day, when my mom had dropped me and my sister off at our grandmother's house while she went to work. i wanted to be an astronaut when i was a kid, so every launch day was exciting for me. i even went to space academy after middle school. space was my life when i was younger. i feel guilty though, because i cried this weekend but i didn't cry over 9/11. the WTC attack was just so surreal though, and this accident definitely hit closer to home for me. i just hope that the powers that be will learn from this horrible event and provide NASA with the funding that they need in order for our space program to continue safely. i think this letter is a good start, and i encourage all of you to send similar letters of support to your government officials.


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