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Friday, February 14, 2003

happy valentine's day, everybody. i hope you have a nice one. i was so excited to give m his presents that i almost made him open them last night, on valentine's day eve. this store is great, and helped me find this part of m's present which suits him perfectly. if you know m, you know that "money" is one of his favorite sayings. i'm usually a terrible gift giver, so i'm feeling especially good about this valentine's day.

my present is our new puppy. i wish it were a better picture, but we'll post some after this weekend. we have to pick him up on sunday. i'm so excited. his name will be huygens, after christian huygens, the 17th century dutch mathmetician and astronomer. m's brother already has a dog named after sir isaac newton, so we thought it would be good to add another great mind to the pack.

well, it's going to be hard to concentrate at work today, but i've got things to do. have a fabulous day!


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