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Monday, January 06, 2003

the weekend was too short, as usual, but i did get a lot of things done (except for taking down the christmas decorations). m and i saw about schmidt on saturday. it was a very enjoyable film, although we were probably among the youngest people in the theater. we bought this book that i can't wait to dive into. it looks like it is structured really well. i found shoes for the wedding, so that's one less thing i have to do before my first gown fitting next weekend. and i went through the mail pile that had been growing since late november. hooray for paying bills and being broke!

i haven't found this week's song of the week yet, so continue to enjoy listening to rosie thomas for another day or two. maybe i'll find something tonight. i just heard an interview with her on NPR this morning. i didn't realize that her speaking voice was so high-pitched.

anyway, i have a meeting now. maybe i'll scam some time later for another post or write more tonight.


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