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Tuesday, January 14, 2003

my "horrorscope" from yesterday.

Monday brings a different set of challenges. While you're no longer in weekend wonderland, you can use some of its magic to get you through this phase. By magic I mean bring a alittle somethin' somethin' to nip and tuck under the desk, know what I'm sayin'? Little bit of the gin and juice, little shot a tot tot, little kool in the aid, know what I'm talkin' about? Yeah dog. You should sip a little potion in the ocean, a little dirt in the sand, uh some cheer in your laundry or maybe some salt and pepper in your sandwich. I mean. I think um, you know. I've lost my train of thought. Look. I think you should drink at work Cancer. It's the only way your going to make it through your day.

i should have paid attention. i could have stayed an hour late and still not finished all of the stuff i have to do this week. today's the same, but we've got pre-marital counseling after work.

when did the beginning of the year get so hectic? i thought things were supposed to settle down after the holidays.


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