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Friday, January 17, 2003

i know i've been completely slack on my blogging this month so far, but i've just been completely snowed at work. and i was hoping to be snowed in at home today, but we don't close for anything. it's so nice because we're all here, but my boss just couldn't make it in today.

next week i'll be in lovely florida again. it shouldn't be too bad. m is going to fly down on thursday, and then we'll drive across the state to my cousin's wedding. it will be nice to see my relatives again. plus there's an awesome shop there that makes chocolate covered potato chips. two of my favorite things put together. yum!

when i return, i plan on spending some money on new cds. some artists that have been getting my attention lately include joseph arthur, mellowdrone, and michael (a band from athens, ga). i also heard a band called in praise of folly yesterday that i liked a lot. i can't find anything about them on the web though. must be a local seattle band.

well, that's it for now. have a fabulous weekend!


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