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Thursday, January 30, 2003

big hockey weekend. the all-star game is on sunday, and the young stars and skill contests are on saturday. it will be a perfect weekend to stay indoors and in my pjs. hoorah! after my non-restful weekend last weekend, i'm quite exhausted. i think i've even made negative progress at work this week, if that's possible.


i can't believe that january is almost over. time is just flying by. i've been doing a lot of wedding stuff this week. i finally called the florist, so that's one more thing that i checked off the list. she suggested some really nice flowers to go with the theme off the top of her head. i even learned the term biedermeier, which seems like a good option, especially because it will incorporate some austrian history (and m is proud of his austrian heritage on his dad's side of the family).

now i get to start working on the really fun stuff - the ceremony and reception music!


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