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Sunday, December 08, 2002

well, what a weekend it has been. after i worked a 12-hour shift on friday (starting at 5:30 am), i thought that i would be too tired to get anything done this weekend, but it has been quite productive. on saturday, i got my hair cut, completed my holiday "going out outfit" at the mall, went to a cake tasting with m, started decorating the house for christmas, went to an engagement party hosted by my parents. today we went to church, completed shopping for the christmas tree, stopped by an open house for my work, and bought a christmas tree.

i had a feeling that it was going to be a really great weekend when we were at our cake tasting appointment. when i showed the painting to the baker, she told us excitedly that she was getting ready to paint it as a mural in her house. she said she'd been hoping that someone would give her a "fun project", so she is hardly charging us for painting the cake. the samples were great, the price is unbelievably good, and we're both really pleased with the whole thing.

i'm going to go ahead and post the song of the week tonight since i may not get a chance to blog tomorrow. i heard norah jones on snl last night and had to buy her cd today. the track name is come away with me, and it will make you swoon.


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