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Monday, December 30, 2002

our "vacation at home" is going really well. the days have begun to blend together, and it's still a few more before i have to go back to work. i'm glad that we didn't make plans to go out of town this year. it's been nice to stay at home and enjoy things like cooking breakfast, using our new breadmachine (christmas gift from my 'rents), staying in my pjs all day, and sleeping in. m's parents hosted dinner on saturday, so we went with my parents. it was a lot of fun. we haven't made any plans for new year's eve, but it will probably just be a quiet night.

my sis and i are going shopping today. we also need to pick up our bridesmaids' dresses for our cousin's wedding, and i need to get my wedding gown from the dry cleaners. i can't believe that the day is almost 4 months away. i stopped by a stationer in carytown a few weeks ago and found an invitation by cast paper art that is pretty much what i had hoped to find - handmade paper (6x6 square) with text on a vellum overlay tied with a piece of raffia at the top. best of all, the paper has gold and silver thread and metallic stars pressed into the fiber. actually, best of all, the invitations are very affordable. maybe m and i will walk up there tomorrow and take a good look.

anyway, sis is here and i need to shower. maybe a post shopping update to come later.


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