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Thursday, December 26, 2002

merry christmas everybody, even though i'm a day late. the past few days have flown by, but they have been good. neither m nor i have to work until next week, so we're totally getting into this relaxation thing. we had nice visits with both of our families yesterday. it was the first time that either of us had not been at our parents' houses on christmas eve. the "tradition transition" went smoothly. we both got lots of nice things, and our gifts were well received.


we saw the two towers on monday. it was good, but i think i would have been lost if i hadn't read the book. there are just so many new people in this book, and a lot of key details get skipped by the movie. i guess you can only show so much in 3 hours. i think that some books are just not silver screen material, and LOTR may be one of them.


i check my blogstats frequently and am always interested in sites that refer to mine. this link kept popping up yesterday. there were around 85 hits from that site yesterday, which is about as many hits as i usually get in one week. i still can't find why this page was referring to mine, and it's driving me crazy.


okay, so this week's song of the week is a little late, but it's a good one. i'm not sure why, but my aversion to female singers is diminishing. click the s.o.w. link to get a track called 2 dollar shoes by rosie thomas. it's another sweet love song, and thoroughly enjoyable.


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