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Wednesday, December 04, 2002

man, i can't believe what a week i'm having. it's really not going too well. i wrote a really long post, and then i accidentally hit the "blogger pro" button instead of the "post & publish" button, so i lost the post. here's a summary.

~ the weather people say that snow is coming tonight. richmond can't handle snow. i went to target on my lunch hour (which ended up being 1-1/2 hours). the store is across the street from the mall that i went to on monday during my lunch hour when i shopped in 3 stores, bought boots, and got back to work in an actual hour. i needed gloves today so my hands don't freeze when i'm scraping ice from my car tomorrow morning. the parking lot at target was full, and the people were insane.

~ there are new pictures of my niece-to-be ava on the web. check out the link on the left. the santa picture is adorable.

~ still haven't made it to buy christmas decorations. somehow we'll fit it in on saturday between my hair appointment, our first cake tasting, and a party that evening. oh yeah, and the interpol show.

~ wedding plans are coming along. we've settled on a photographer, have a lead on a florist, and have been in touch with a dj service. we're targeting the end of the year to get all of those items taken care of. then it will be smooth sailing (fingers crossed).

that's it. the points are a lot more random than before, but i had a limited amount of time to re-post. back to the grind!


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