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Sunday, December 22, 2002

hooray. the weekend is finally here!! well, it's been here for a few days, but i'm just finally getting to blog about it. it has been very nice and relaxing. i worked a half-day on friday, followed by a shopping trip with my sister. our labors were very fruitful, and places like the mall weren't too overcrowded yet. now i have 3 stores left to go to complete my christmas shopping, and they are all right in the same shopping area.

on friday night, we went to see our local hockey team play. they completely sucked. i just read that three of their guys (including their goalie) were selected for the all-star game in their league. i'm not sure why. still, we got to hang out with some friends of ours, so that was cool.

we stayed in yesterday and just lounged around. i slept in, and m took a nice long nap in the afternoon. i finally got to watch amelie, which we rented from netflix. what an adorable movie! it's going straight to the top of my wishlist.

after church today, we'll probably finish up our christmas shopping. i'd like to get it done and then have the next few days before christmas free. that way i'm not wrapping presents at the last minute like last year. (maybe i won't cut my hand again like last year which resulted in an ER visit on christmas eve.) i think the plan is to go see the two towers tomorrow when the crowds might not be too bad. and i'll find time tomorrow to post the song of the week.

time to get ready for church.


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