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Saturday, November 02, 2002

oh my goodness. dinner last night was incredible. not only was the food the best i've ever eaten, the service was amazing. our waiter apologized every time he reached across me to pour wine (i was next to a wall, so he couldn't go to my right side to pour), and he even brought a new wine glass when he saw a small water spot on mine. the table was set with more forks and knives than i have ever seen on any table. and the meal was served in the true french style; the portions of each course were just enough to satisfy without filling, allowing us to savor each one of the six that were served. of course, we left the restaurant full and happy. this may be lame, but i just can't finish this entry without including the menu (yes, they let us take them home).

~ pumpkin bisque with citrus creme fraiche and osetra caviar (served in a small, hollowed-out pumpkin)
~ chartreuse of fresh seared goose foie gras with pickled mango potstickers and black mission fig with an essence of armagnac (i've never eaten a whole, cooked fig before, and i have to say that i want more)
~ truffle dusted butter poached maine lobster with braised cipollini onions over a cauliflower puree, white port wine coulis (the lobster was as tender as crabmeat, and m even ate the cauliflower)
~ grilled tenderloin of farm raised wild boar and breast of pheasant served with fresh chanterelle and morel mushooms, baby leeks, petite legumes, and fingerling potato with a veal reduction (i'm very glad that i didn't have to choose between the boar and the pheasant, they were both awesome)
~ micro greens, baby frisee, enoki mushrooms with a truffle vinagrette (salad at the end of the meal, truly french)
~ assortment of sweet symphony with chef paul's selection of dessert wine - pineau des charentes (the sweet symphony comprised a glazed apple slice on top of a thin pastry wafer, a chocolate brownie-like thing topped with a small dollop of real whipped cream, a lightly banana flavored ice cream with toffee chips througout, and a few raspberries with a light raspberry sauce to balance everything out)

at the end of our 3 hour long meal, we could hardly believe that we had been there that long. if this is how the french eat, then perhaps m's uncle got it right when he moved there (not to mention the 35 hour work week and plentiful vacation days). at least i think we'll move france to the top of places that we want to visit in our lifetime.


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