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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

4 new cds last week. . . i finally finished listening to them all, so now i can write about them.

1. longwave - day sleeper ep. wow. what a band! i can't wait until their new full length comes out next year. i really don't want to have to collect a bunch of 4 song eps. when i get around to making a new indie comp this fall, one of these tracks is going on the list for sure.

2. jets to brazil - perfecting loneliness. i'll have to concur with pitchfork's review of the album. i really had hoped for more. the lyrics don't make sense, and i'm really beginning to wonder if blake schwarzenbach will ever stop singing about relationships gone awry.

3. death cab for cutie - you can play these songs with chords +10. this is a re-release of an old cassette plus some previously unreleased tracks. it's quite good. the unreleased tracks are a little bit more electronic than i've heard from dcfc before, and i like it. i like it a lot.

4. flunk - for sleepyheads only. i know that i already said to find this music now, but i mean it. if you ever take my advice on anything, listen to me now. if their acoustic cover of blue monday doesn't get to you, then any of the other tracks will because they are all good. good like home-cooking.

i've promised myself that i won't buy any more cds for at least another 2 weeks. maybe i'll get around to updating my amazon wishlist so i can get the ones i want for christmas. ooo . . . a plan is hatched.


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