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Monday, October 21, 2002

my two morning radio habits are both having pledge drives this week. when i was a student, i felt so bad for not having the money to support public radio, so i am glad that i am finally able to do my part. i get ready for work every day while listening to the new from my local npr affiliate. i really appreciate the way that npr presents the news. they do a really good job of reporting good news as well as all of the bad news in the world. and i couldn't make it through my work day without listening to kexp. they do an excellent job of satisfying my hunger for brand new music as well as playing a lot of my favorite artists. anyway, if you listen to your local npr station or are enjoying my link to kexp, please try to send them even a little bit of cash. local npr stations get less than 15% of their yearly budget from government subsidies, and i doubt that kexp gets even that much. please, help keep public radio alive!


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