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Saturday, October 12, 2002

m and i are home from a short saturday outing. it seems so strange outside. it's a cloudy day, and everyone just seems just a bit out of it. here in rva, we're only about 1-1/2 hours from fredericksburg, the site of the last sniper attack. m's family lives there. he's on the phone right now with his brother who told him that he gets gas at that exxon station regularly before going to school. i know that everyone here must be wondering if the sniper will decide to drive just a little bit further and start picking off people around here. we were even looking around our car and getting in pretty quickly after our trip to target and best buy.

well, hopefully tonight we'll be able to get some of this off our minds. tonight is the night we get to see jerry seinfeld. i think it's going to be really cool. we watch his show at least twice a night, if not three times. but right now we're going to play the new law & order computer game.


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