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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

i'm in florida again this week, working as usual. people always say that it must be nice to come here. it really isn't that great. i don't get to go to the beach or anything like that. i checked my weather pixie this morning, and she said it's a nice 61 degrees F in richmond right now. must be nice. it's very steamy here and will be hot by the time i leave today. it's the kind of humidity that when you get in your car and turn on the AC, your glasses get steamed up. sometimes when i come here i can swing over to orlando and meet my relatives for dinner, which is super nice, but i didn't get to do that this time.

enough of my whining. i am just cranky because i was woken up at 3:30 am by some very loud people in the room above me. this man and woman were stomping around and laughing. eventually they stopped making so much noise. as i drove to the plant this morning, a woman called in to the radio station that i was listening to and told the DJ that she was making the "walk of shame" this morning, going home to get ready for work at 9 am. i wondered if it was the same woman who was giggling so much over my head last night.

on another note, i was thinking this morning that it would be so cool if i could get various companies to send me their products for free if i rated them on my site. i know i don't have the time to undertake that sort of mission, but it would still be cool. i'm getting lots of random hits for things like aquafina essentials, since i wrote about them a few weeks ago. i could just sit at home all day and try different products and then blog about it. i think that would be my dream job. hahaha.

on yet another note, today is my mom's birthday. happy birthday, mom!!!


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