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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

happy humpday everybody. it's been a heck of a week already. as i left work yesterday, i couldn't believe that it was only tuesday. it seems like the week should be over by now, but we still have almost 3 whole days to go. i think it's just that the past few weeks have been so jam-packed for me. i don't think that's going to change much until the end of the year either. it's still exciting though. my favorite event of the year is this weekend - the richmond highland games & celtic festival. i missed last year's festival thanks to blood loss from my surgery. i can't believe that was just a year ago. my life has changed so much since then, and all for the better.

best news of the week: snowshoe got their first natural snow last thursday night, and they started blowing on friday morning. they're predicting a snowy winter and expect to open in mid-november. a decent east coast winter offers some consolation for not being able to take a trip out west this season. (darn it . . . why do we have to take a honeymoon in may?!?)


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