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Friday, September 27, 2002

i bought a couple of books the other day from amazon. they came yesterday, and look pretty cool. here's what i'm getting into.

1. handcrafted weddings - i thought it would be nice to make something personal (decorations, invitations, who knows) for our upcoming nuptuals.

2. the papermaker's companion - for some reason lately, i've just been fascinated with cool paper. i've been thinking of a hobby that i'd like to pick up, and this may be it.

3. 300 papermaking recipes - this one goes along with #2. if i'm going to make paper, i'd like to get some cool ideas.

btw, i'm listening to my new elbow, and of all my new cds, i have to say that it is my favorite. it absolutely rocks. here's a link to their track newborn for your friday listening pleasure.


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