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Monday, April 22, 2002

you know, i really need to explore the world of blogging more often. just two simple random clicks of the mouse button took me here this morning. yes, i am a closet trekkie of sorts. not the hardcore kind like they made the movie about, but i grew up watching all of the motion pictures, the reruns of the original series, and yes, even the next generation. i know that at some point in my adolescent life, i had a collection of wil wheaton pictures cut from the pages of teen beat or some other publication that caters to 13-year-old girls. i named my first car "walter" after walter koenig. i even went to a couple of "cons" in high school and had my picture taken with george takei. and i have a modest collection of star trek memorabilia on my bookshelf in my study at home.

yes, my name is julie, and i am a geek.

(it's even funnier that i found this site today after watching futurama's tribute to star trek last night. it was a good one.)


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