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Monday, April 29, 2002

two fire drills this afternoon are not doing much for my productivity.


what a nice, relaxing weekend. m and i went to busch gardens on saturday. it was a little bit crowded due to different fiesta-val events. i'm not sure when middle school bands started traveling to these kinds of events. my high school band participated every year, getting me out of school to go to myrtle beach, atlanta, and florida twice for a week each time. it was great. m and i even had the opportunity to ride with one boy on his first roller coaster ride ever. i've noticed that when i get the chance to observe adolescents interact with each other and their environment, i find myself wondering if i ever behaved like they do. in most ways, i find that i didn't. but these band kids were relatively well behaved. maybe by the time they get to high school, they will become a little more rowdy. except for the long lines for rides, i really didn't have any complaints about the ways they behaved. i doubtful that the patrons of epcot center in the spring of 1992 can say the same about my friends.

oh, but of course, i was never obnoxious.


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