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Monday, April 08, 2002

many things to write today about the weekend.


if you've never seen the cherry blossoms in d.c. in the spring, go this week (if you're in the area) or plan on going next year. they are absolutely incredible.


i feel like a witness to the effects of the recession for the first time. dupont circle was dead on friday night. there were people at eighteenth street lounge in jeans and sweatshirts. it was weird. and a little sad. i guess i expected a lot. the recession is the only reason i can find for it.


the snowflake crusade was a good film. mike and i had a long discussion on the walk home about the theme(s) in the story. i like movies like that. maybe that's what makes the difference between a "film" and a "movie".


have you ever had a day when you knew exactly what you wanted to eat, and everything you ate exceeded your expectations? have you ever had a day when the person you were with wanted to eat the exact same thing and was just as satisfied with each meal? yesterday was like that. it was cool.


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