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Friday, December 21, 2001

call me a slacker, okay? well, at least at writing. i think i've said it before - i always right more when things aren't going so well. well, things are going just fine. work is pleasantly busy, due to problems with the project that arose during my trip to florida. but that's a good thing. my role on this project went from project manager to project manager/problem solver. i'm feeling more productive than ever. i even finished all of my christmas shopping a lot earlier than usual. my social life is absolutely fantastic, due mostly to the presence of a particular special someone. i've got that sort of warm fuzzy feeling all over, like i get when listening to modest mouse. so yeah, things are good.

my top 5 for this holiday season:

1) taking vacation from work until after the new year
2) getting to see DB tonight without having to drive to DC
3) buying the perfect christmas present for my parents (thanks to my sister for the good idea)
4) once again, my sister getting into UVA and moving out of my parents' house
5) M.A.R.


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