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Monday, October 08, 2001

getting older by the minute . . .

i have a new neighbor living below me. i've seen her a few times, usually riding her bike to school, on the wrong side of the road. not too bright. she seems pretty young, as do her friends that i've seen around the building. she has taken down the ventian blinds from her windows and put up a black sheet in one of the front ones and a flowered sheet in the other one. another flowered sheet hangs in her back window. so all of the windows in the front of the building look the same except for hers. she has very little furniture in her living room. a stereo and a keyboard sitting on the floor seem to be the centerpieces of her life. at least from what i can hear upstairs.

yes, from what i can hear. i'm a quiet person. i keep my music and my tv fairly quiet. but now i am forced to turn them up louder to drown out her music. actually, that doesn't even work for the tv. and the other night i had to sleep with earplugs in because she was having a party that went way past 2 am. our lease clearly states that we aren't supposed to even have a radio on after midnight. that rule isn't enforced, but everyone else keeps things pretty quiet past midnight, even on the weekends. our lease also states that we can be evicted after one noise complaint.

the problem here? i don't like the noise, but i don't want to complain. well, i do want to complain, but i have been to many parties in apartment buildings through the years, so maybe it's just karma getting me back. our building is not supposed to lease to students, at least not undergrads. some of us have lived there before graduation, but we all had professional jobs as well. and i feel old for wanting to complain. if it continues, maybe i'll slip her a note with a highlighted copy of the lease. and after that, maybe i'll complain. i want my nice, quiet building back.


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