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Saturday, September 29, 2001

whew! two weeks ago i started working as a permanent employee for the company that i've been working as a temp for since march. man, it's been great too. as a temp, i was just kinda filling in on other peoples' projects. i came in at the end of a big project, and everyone knew we were getting a big reorganization of our department shortly thereafter, so there was no sense in starting me on something that i might not be able to finish. well, being permanent is great. the benefits are better, i get more holidays, and i actually have some vacation time to use before the end of the year. but that's not all that makes the job good. i'm busy! i'm so busy! and i've never been happier. i have my own project now, something i can take pride in, something i can make decisions about. i love the fact that i love my work and do not just look at it as a job i go to during the week. now to just find some friends that feel the same way about what they do . . .


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