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Friday, September 07, 2001

okay, i've been totally slack this week. yeah, i know. well, i was out of town last weekend with the boys from Tequila Sound. the night was fantastic. we got all shee-sheed up, went down to the club, had a VIP booth, and danced our arses off. it was fantastic. seeing all of us dressed up in the hotel was strange though - i felt like we were going to a funeral. the guys all had suits on. we thought about standing in line for this exclusive club next door to Club 5, so when they picked us out of the line to come in we could say "oh wait, no, we don't want to go to *this* club."

i guess you had to be there. . .

we've been pretty busy getting things set up for the first concept: party on Saturday night. the lineup is Sam Poulin (downtempo), MRN (drum n' bass), and Graham S. (house). if you are in richmond this weekend, you should definitely check it out.

workwise, we just had a big reorganization announced. i should be moving to a new team in a few weeks and getting some of my own projects. i'm pretty excited about that. plus when all the details get worked out, i'll be permanent here and will be getting a larger paycheck. yay!

alright, it's lunch time. tgif!


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