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Friday, September 21, 2001

of course it's weird to just be friends. at least right off the bat. we weren't the kind of friends who call each other up to say hello before we ever dated. we were the kind of friends who hung out in groups, ran into each other at some dj night, talked for the entire night at the bar, but never called to say hello. i'm sorry, but we've got to do that again before we can just call each other up to say hello.

actually, even hello would have been acceptable. not "what are you doing tonight?" (on a friday night no less) followed by "well, i'm doing this" (i.e. something not with you). you don't just call someone up and ask them that. then follow it up with "well, i thought you'd never call me, so i called you." if i wasn't calling you, it was because i didn't want to talk to you. get it?


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