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Thursday, September 20, 2001

my life is all about washing your car one evening on the way home from work, then discovering the next morning that every bird in the city decided to use it as a bathroom . . .

my life is all about putting a project on hold for 2-1/2 days to write a paper for another project, then being told that the decision that the paper was about was made without it . . .

my life is all about dating someone who gets freaked out because things are too serious, then being told that i haven't done anything to make it seem that way . . .

my life is all about having a job where i have to go to bed at 11 PM, but having friends who don't go out until 11:30 PM . . .

my life is all about being depressed enough to go shopping for clothes, but not finding a damn thing that looks decent on . . .


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