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Wednesday, August 29, 2001

well, i got the job that i wanted. now all i have to do is get the physical, pass the drug test, and sign some papers. should be smooth sailing from here. the salary is a bit higher than i expected too, which is always a great plus. life is beautiful.


if you happen to be in the DC metro area this weekend, or feel like taking a trip up there, make sure to check out the tequila sound showcase at Club 5 on saturday night. it should be a blast. check this site for details.


and look for something new and exciting coming to richmond on september 8. yeah, we're starting a new night (concept:). it's at baja bean co. in the back room. yes, there is a dance floor. yes, there will be good music. yes, you can get drunk. what more do you need on a saturday night?!?


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