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Thursday, July 12, 2001

a. go see this movie. you won't regret it. you totally forget that you're watching animation at times. absolutely incredible.

b. something to look forward to. the next DJ Kicks album will be done by no less than Truby Trio. how tasty can that get?

c. i know i've just been making a lot of "cool stuff" posts, but life is good right now. i have a new neighbor who i have a lot in common with. it's like having a roommate while still having my own space. my love life is good, exactly what i want right now. we spend just enough time together. and it's always fun. work is okay. i'm working on my research project. it's a little slow now, but at least it's getting to the real chemistry bit. i'm going to have an awesome birthday party this weekend with a bunch of other Cancerian friends. and one of my all-time favorite DJs is playing in town on the night of my birthday. how much better can it get? oh yeah, the presents thing. :P~


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