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Sunday, May 13, 2001

well, i guess it had to happen some time. i've lived "in the city" for 5 years now, and nothing has ever happened to me. friends have been mugged, friends' apartments have been robbed, yadda yadda. so last night, after a great haircut and a great dinner at Europa followed by listening to friends play records in the downstairs lounge there, i find that the driver's side window of my car has been smashed. then i discover that the ignition has been snapped off and part of the steering column broken. someone tried to steal my car. a 1985 chevrolet celebrity named Walter that i've had since i was 16. there were a ton of cars around my car that were much nicer and much more valuable. the cops said they must've been pretty dumb because my car is such an easy car to steal. the damage done to my car probably costs more than the car itself, so i'm sure the insurance company will just total it. dammit.

got to bed at 4 am. woke up at 8:30 and filed the report with the police. had brunch with the family, consisting of bad seafood and lots of egg dishes. i need a really good salad right now. mmm. . .


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