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Tuesday, May 08, 2001

last night came again with the intense dreams. there were no sedating amino acids involved this time. actually, i had some over the weekend too. the intensity of my dreams seems to go in cycles. i guess they are related to things that are going on in my life. if my life is intense (or intensely puzzling), so are my dreams. the dreams i have had lately have been so realistic that i can't determine if i had some of these conversations for real or not. or even though i know that a situation with a person didn't really happen, the dreams were so real that i feel a little off-kilter around that person. sounds like there are some underlying issues that i need to take care of quickly!


i just let them talk me into buying DSL. oh well. i can't really play on the net at work any more (thus the lack of blogs), and i hate waiting at home, so this should be nice. it will give me even less of an excuse to not re-do my site. i can even have a "julie-cam". ooo . . .


there's a new link to my site. amazing how this little web things works. anyway, check out hermione and say hello.


here's the chemistry tip of the month, for all you kiddies out there. if you like to drink, and on occasion accidentally (yeah, sure) drink to excess, buy some taurine (you know, the friendly little ingredient in red bull). a friend of mine told me a few weeks ago that he found a miracle cure for a hangover - 2 cans of red bull. i had once read that cysteine was a good way to cure a hangover, so i did a little reading on taurine, found out that it come from the metabolism of cysteine (in an excess of B6), and is an acetaldehyde inhibitor. now, for you non-chemists out there, alcohol passes through your liver and becomes an aldehyde. that's why people who drink methanol or "wood alcohol" go blind - because the methanol turns into formaldehyde, the stuff they use to preserve dead things. ethanol, our poison of choice, becomes acetaldehyde, which is just one hydrogen away from being ordinary vinegar. now you understand the expression "feeling pickled".

while cysteine is a good thing, without the excess of B6, it becomes cystine and can cause kidney stones. ouch. taurine doesn't do anything nasty and is readily available in caplet form (check your natural grocer or health store for Solgar's L-taurine capsules. take one with plenty of water after a night out, and wake up the next day feeling fresh as a daisy. it'll work in a pinch on a morning after drinking, but taking it before bed is a preemptive strike. as a last resort, pick up an energy bar containing taurine or some red bull to tame your hangover.

okay, laundry's done. more in a few days!


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