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Saturday, May 12, 2001

- begin rant here -

okay, i'm pretty pissed at Congress right now. we, the United States, owe some $500+ million dollars in back dues to the UN. so the House was to vote on a bill to pay those back dues. well, we were recently voted out of the UN's Human Rights Commission. so somebody in the House gets the bright idea to add an amendment to this bill to withhold half of this $$ until we get reinstated on the commission. personnaly, i don't understand why the US is on a human rights commission anyway, considering the fact that we only take a stand against human rights abuse when it doesn't affect our economic interests.

hey all you idiots in DC, stop throwing a temper tantrum and pay the dues already. do you think that this is any way to make or keep friends?

- end rant here -


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