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Saturday, April 07, 2001

i've been meaning to write, and now i've had some requests to write, so here goes. things are really good right now. the new job is cool. it's a little more administrative than i would like, but everybody on the team is just doing administrative work now. it's just what happens at the end of a huge project. i did get to go to a seminar yesterday though. that's kinda cool. being able to do what i want at my job when i want to.

so i've figured out something. i figured out what i want right now, as far as personal relationships go. i want to be part of a pair of people. i'm not talking about a romantic relationship either. it could be romantic or platonic. i thought i wanted romance, but i figured out that it's beyond that. people around here seem to operate in a sort of "dynamic duo" mode, whether they are best friends, roommates, a couple, or whatever. these duos understand each other at a level that no one else does.

i've been doing this solo act thing for about a year now. it's been fun, being on my own, figuring life out, figuring myself out, but i'm ready to share it now. share the work and the fun and everything else.

they always say that when you stop looking you find what you want. so i'll stop now.


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