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Monday, March 19, 2001

whew! what a killer past few days it has been. my friend jason (a.k.a. dj whispa) played in the underground lounge at this great little tapas bar downtown on saturday night. the drunk people coming from the pseudo-irish pub up the street were entertaining. then our little group became entertaining (thanks to a few rounds of car bombs).

my new job started today. it's great. no one knows quite what i am supposed to do yet. our team leader is out of town for the week. i guess i'll spend a lot of time reading standard operating procedures. i got through 9 today and attended the chemical health plan training session. that's where they tell us that chemists have a lower mortality rate overall, but when we do die, it's of cancer or some similarly nasty disease. my co-workers seem really nice. it's a bit overwhelming. the building is huge, there are a ton of people, and everyone is treating me like an adult. weird! i think i'm going to like it a lot.

sometimes you set a really high standard, thinking it will never be met. then it is. weird.


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