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Wednesday, March 28, 2001

it's been a fantastic week so far. i did a little bit of co-worker bonding tonight. my cube neighbor and i went out to dinner tonight, finally satisfying my +2-week long craving for greek food and learning a little more about each other. over a bottle and some glasses of red wine (yes, it's only 7:00 now) and some fabulous baklava, we shared tales of our family (she's from a family with 8 kids from massachusetts, me with just 2 from here in virginia), growing up, exes, etc. it was fantastic. between that and the fact that i really like my work so far and people are impressed with me so far, i think i'm really going to like my new situation. even if some of my friends call me "lame".

it's been a good music week too. i've found great indie rock (breaking pangaea), the first techno to excite me in a while (rinocerose), and good jungle on netradio.

so yeah, things are going much better than i could ever have hoped for.


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