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Tuesday, March 13, 2001

i talked to a friend last night who went through the same change last year that i'm going through now. i'm relieved to know that i'm not the only one who got freaked out by it. i guess i'm really getting out of that adolescent period that my psychology professor told us about (refer to my first blog). i guess i'm a young adult now. i'm starting a job where i *really* can't afford to screw up, i won't be excused for being young, and i'm definitely not the top dog. i'm actually scared shitless.

this stress has really taken it's toll on my personal relationships too. i'm obsessed with it. i've been completely neurotic. and while my older, more stable relationships will survive the storm, i'm not sure the new ones will. long-time friends can put up with you because you put up with them in their time of need.

so what's my plan for all this? i'm not too sure yet, but i feel better about it because at least i have identified the source of my fears. now i can face them.

anyway, my apologies to those that i have rubbed the wrong way recently. i'm working out the kinks on this adulthood thing, but the bumpy part of the ride is over.


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