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Friday, February 23, 2001

well, thanks to the snow, the bands didn't make it into town. that's okay. paul came to the rescue with a CD of dashboard confessional. it's just one guy, but he's amazing. all you emo kids out there, check him out. these songs are beautiful.

two local bands did play last night. you could tell they were young groups, by their age and also by their stage presence. they have talent and potential, but something didn't quite click. a band can sound great in the studio, but it's so important that they sell their music when playing live. they have to look like they're into what they're doing. i guess it's kind of like actors in a play - the whole thing is a lot more convincing when there is good chemistry between the players. i think the same goes for bands. i guess that's something that comes from playing together for a while, being a really tight group. i've never played in a band though, so i don't know for sure. any of you musicians out there want to give me some feedback?


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