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Monday, February 12, 2001

the trip to ikea was a success. i got the bed, scheduled delivery for next sunday, and even purchased a nice area rug. spiffy! it was even a nice drive up there. experienced an event of synchronicity on the trip back. i was recounting the events of my last trip home from the northern virginia area, which happened to be after seeing coldcut perform the night before. my best friend drove (like she almost always does) and we had a car full of people. as i was talking about the trip, i happened to look over in the lane next to me, and sure enough - there she was in her car! what are the odds of that?

a brief discussion about music yesterday has got me thinking about the future. right now i'm extremely happy with the music that i listen to. while i am sure that i will listen to new things, i can't imagine not listening to most of my current collection for the rest of my life. does that necessitate careful preservation of my eclectic collection? while i'm sure that loyal fans of pearl jam and britney spears will be able to find their music in collectors' shops, the "underground" sounds of jawbreaker and jazzanova may be more difficult to come by. will the CDs even last that long? and what will the oldies radio stations of the future play? i can't even begin to imagine that radio and music media will even be the same 50 years from now. just look at how far we have come in the past 50 years.


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